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Don’t be fooled by her looks. The whimsical hen, with her round body and tiny head, is a serious item for collectors around the world. Designed by French potter Heidi Caillard in the 1970s, the La Pintade Caillard ceramic Guinea fowl is a delightful addition to any kitchen, fireplace mantle, bathroom, or wherever she decides to roost. Made from sustainably sourced clay in the Provence region of France, the ceramic Guinea fowl are hand-poured, hand-painted, and signed by the artists. Her versatility makes her a perfect addition to any style decor, from rustic farmhouse to modern urban simplicity.

Medium 20.5 cm in height

TRUST ME YOU’LL LOVE THIS: “…here a guinea, there a guinea…”

Our French brood has landed! For those of you who have become as enamored as I with this charming collection of guinea hens handmade in the South of France, you know that we only come by these deliveries a couple of times a year so now is a great time to add to your flock or perhaps discover these treasures for the very first time.

These delightful creations were born of the imagination of Heidi Caillard who opened a small pottery workshop in the south of France in 1968 after completion of Fine Art studies in Basel Switzerland. Heidi’s memory of real hens wandering about the garden at her family’s home inspired her endearing collection, but only after long hours of trial and error did she finally reach the perfect shape of the sculptures as we know them today. Recognition at the International Salon de Deco in Paris quickly jumpstarted a world-wide reputation for this small ceramic workshop. Today, Heidi’s son Adrien and his family continue to create these fanciful birds in her tradition in Lussan, a picturesque walled medieval village in Provence. Each piece is hand-formed and painted to a very high standard. We see these as much more than decorative objects. Each piece is a little work of art…highly collectible and to be enjoyed and treasured for life.

While each hen captivates all on its own, their personalities seem to change with the company they keep! Mix colors and sizes and see what I mean! Individually or displayed as a group, they make wonderful centerpieces that speak to a season. Mix in sprigs of herbs and votives for a charming summer tablescape…or tuck the smaller hens in pots or baskets on a porch for a touch of color and whimsy. The possibilities are endless!


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