Fearrington is never far from mind when you have your own live Beltie! Take advantage of those infrequent opportunities when we must sell Belties in order to maintain the current size of our herd. Whether you're a serious cattle farmer or an enthusiast, a Belted Galloway cow is sure to please - and turn a head or two.

Belties may be our mascots but we've been serious about improving the herd for over thirty years; our farmers manage a rigorous breeding program focused on overall health and appearance and consequently our Belties regularly win state and national champions in their category.

Read more about the herd and the awards they've won. View pedigree data on our cattle from the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. Sale includes transfer of registration papers. Bulls and heifers may be available. Shipping options in online checkout do not apply. Customer pick up required unless otherwise discussed. Whew! Have questions? Call 919.542.2121.

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